Eliana Becnel

Director of Business Development
Denver, Colorado

B.A. in Communications, Leadership Development, Sociology,
Louisiana State University

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Eliana Thompson Becnel has spent the last decade of her career working to connect and discover opportunity for small to midsize businesses in multiple sectors including: aviation & transportation, hospitality, food & beverage/agribusiness, and music & entertainment. While she’s taken a nontraditional career path, this route has allowed her to view project life cycle from not only beginning to end but as both provider and consumer across the United States as well as internationally.

With a background in communications & leadership development, Becnel approaches each effort with a transparent, team effort, honing in on growth opportunities - be it channel diversification, cross-selling or customer loyalty.

Born and raised in New Orleans, LA, a “fourteen year girl” from Louise S. McGehee, Becnel spent her undergraduate time in Baton Rouge, LA, attending LSU, before moving to Northern Idaho where she lived completely off the grid for two years. Since that time, Becnel return to New Orleans before more recently relocating to Denver, CO.

“I gravitate towards small and medium size business because to be frank, that’s where we can have the most fun! Often times, organizations of this size allow not only for forward thinking strategy but also implementation in real time to remain competitive and grow.”