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How Can Next Move Group Make You More Profitable?

Next Move Group can make you more profitable if you are:

How Can Next Move Group Make You More Profitable?  looking for a piece of real estate for a new facility, OR

How Can Next Move Group Make You More Profitable?  adding employees to a current facility, OR

How Can Next Move Group Make You More Profitable?  purchasing new industrial equipment, OR

How Can Next Move Group Make You More Profitable?  looking to buy a business or be acquired, OR

How Can Next Move Group Make You More Profitable?  needing to figure out what location is optimal for you to save money on transportation costs

Let's Get Started


Which Next Move Group Team Member Suits Your Situation Best?


Next Move Group Leadership:

John Sisson
Executive Managing Director
Greenville, South Carolina

About John Sisson:

John has performed site selection and incentives negotiations worldwide over a 30 year career following time in corporate finance with Ford Motor Company and Mallinckrodt. He has negotiated over $2 billion in incentives for his clients. His projects have spanned the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

John is a member of the Site Selectors Guild and a former member of the United States Air Force.  John received a Masters of Science Degree in Economics from Wichita State University and Advanced Management Training from Dartmouth.

John is involved with all our site selection clients no matter their size or location.

Sampling Of Companies With Which Sisson Has Worked Projects During His Career:



Chad Chancellor
New Orleans, Louisiana
(504) 648-7716

About Chad Chancellor:

Prior to founding the Next Move Group, Chad served as an economic developer in small, medium, and large sized communities in four states, learning the site selection and incentives process from the government side of the table. He uses this experience to find aggressive communities based on your project’s needs.

Chad has a passion for incentives.  Sound strange?  Chad explains, "As a kid there were very few manufacturing jobs in my small hometown, so my father had to leave during the week to find construction work.  I was literally raised in a single family home, not due to divorce but because there were very few jobs for people like my father in my hometown.  Everyday I see governments spend millions of dollars on jails, parks and recreation, entitlement programs, roads and infrastructure, etc.  I am not saying those are bad programs or wasted dollars, but I grow frustrated when I hear of media questioning incentives given how much we spend on prison systems in the USA.  The way I see it, if we spend a little more on incentives to actually create jobs, perhaps we won't need quite as many correctional facilities.  I am proud of the jobs incentives create and will fight tooth and nail for every dollar we can save our clients."

Chad is involved with all our site selection clients no matter their size or location

Sampling Of Companies With Which Chancellor Has Worked Projects During His Career:



Alex Metzger
Saint Louis, Missouri
(314) 421-9110

About Alex Metzger:

Alex is one of the founding members of the Next Move Group. He comes from a family of successful entrepreneurs having had family members own restaurants, grocery stores, and food processing plants.

Having a family history of successful entrepreneurism, Alex understands the unique challenges clients face as they make those quantum sales leaps from $1 million to $2 million to $10 million, and so on, and the various challenges this creates.  Alex also spends considerable time traveling to the West Coast of the United States from his St. Louis location, as well as spending a considerable amount of time in Europe

Alex is involved with all our site selection clients no matter their size or location.

Sampling Of Companies With Which Metzger Has Worked Projects During His Career:


Bob Bathgate
Global VP
Toronto, Canada
(705) 740-9739

About Bob Bathgate:

Bob Bathgate joins Next Move Group as Global Vice President based in Ontario, Canada.  Bathgate focuses on securing corporate and economic development clients in Canada as well as overseas.  Bathgate brings more than 40 years of experience to Next Move Group including these prior roles: State of Ohio Canadian Director, State of Tennessee Canadian Director, City of Mississauga Manager of Business Development, State of New York Canadian Director, Government of Ontario Senior Business Coordinator.  Additionally, Bathgate is a Past Chair of AmCham Canada (US/Canadian Chamber of Commerce) and a past board of trade member in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.


Next Move Group Support Analysts:


site selection kay blurry

Kay Brockwell  
Community Competitiveness Analyst     
Arkansas Office

Kay managed a number of economic development organizations prior to her work with the Next Move Group. She is an alum of HKS (the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government Leadership Academy) and is instrumental in helping us determine what we need from communities to make our client profitable in that location.



Jeffrey Taylor
Utility Infrastructure Analyst
Kentucky Office

Jeffrey spent 31 years working with TVA Electric Power as an Economic Development Professional. He is also certified as an Economic Development Finance Professional by the National Development Council and is currently a Member of the Kentucky State House of Representatives.



Imran Ahmed
Research Analyst
St. Louis Office

Imran Ahmed has joined Next Move Group as our primary Research Analyst based out of our St. Louis office. Imran has a Master’s Degree in Economic Development from the University of Southern Mississippi. Originally from Bangladesh, Imran completed his MBA in Finance and Banking prior to coming to the US on a scholarship for further graduate studies.





Mergers and Acquisitions:

Next Move Group not only does site selection and incentives negotiation, we also  specialize in locating potential M&A opportunities on both the buyers' and sellers' side.  If the Next Move Group is performing a site search for your company, let our M&A team simultaneously search for potential synergetic companies for you to acquire.  To learn more about our Mergers and Acquisitions process, click here


Next Move Group Real Estate Services:

John Sisson, our Executive Managing Director, is a licensed real estate broker.  Sisson can assist you with lease negotiations/renewals, acquisitions and dispositions, subleases, sale-leasebacks, property options, due diligence reports, etc.


Logistics Modeling

Next Move Group partners with Propak for fully customizable supply chain modeling capabilities to ensure optimal location analysis to meet your unique supply chain objectives.  Propak analyzes your customer base, suppliers, and growth plans to optimize site location.  Propak can model multiple sites, modes of transportation, production constraints, and seasonality by leveraging its best-in-class network optimization software with an experience team of supply chain experts.


Labor Modeling

Next Move Group partners with the University of Southern Mississippi's Trent Lott Economic Development Research Center for detailed labor reports on the areas you are considering in order to understand the quantity and quality of the labor in each scenario, and the wages and benefits you will need to pay to get the labor you need.


Equipment Sales and Leasing, Financing, Rigging

Next Move Group partners with Pearl Equipment based in Nashville, Tennessee.  Pearl Equipment has over 62 years of experience in providing equipment sales, leasing, financing, rigging, transportation, and warehousing of industrial equipment.


Our Most Recent Announcements:





Types of Incentives We Have Negotiated

  • Free or Discounted Real Estate & Free or Discounted Rent for Multiple Years
  • Cash Grants for Equipment
  • Equipment Financed at Better Terms Than a Bank
  • Payroll Grants
  • Cash to Train Employees
  • State Corporate Tax Credits
  • Real Property Tax Abatement's
  • Sales/Use Tax Rebates
  • Tax Increment Financing (Cash Infusion into Project Upfront in Exchange for the Increase in Property Taxes Your Project Will Cause)
  • Personal Property Tax Abatement's
  • Temporary Office Space
  • Discounted Utility Rates
  • Site Preparation Cash
  • Cash to Move Equipment
  • Employee Relocation Assistance
  • Forgivable and Low Interest Loans
  • Fast Track Permitting
  • And More...


We have negotiated incentives with companies in the following sectors:

  • Automotive Suppliers
  • Distribution
  • Plastics
  • Maritime
  • Steel
  • Food/Beverage
  • Energy
  • Construction Materials
  • Pipe Manufacturing
  • Chemical
  • Oil/Gas
  • Transmission Systems
  • Distribution
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • R&D
  • Aerospace
  • Retail
  • Aluminum
  • Call Center
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Adhesives
  • Packaging
  • Stamping
  • Furniture Manufacturing

Our Process

Site Selection

Here are 7 questions in our 900+ question RFI database we will customize to send to communities to find your most profitable location.

  • Is the proposed property located in a New Market Tax Credits?
    • (Why is this important? New Market Tax Credits can provide you up front cash for real estate or equipment, 20% of which turns into a cash grant.)
  • Who owns the mineral rights to the property under consideration?
    • (Why is this important? Sometimes mineral rights don't transfer with property deeds. You need protection from someone drilling under your property.)
  • What is the percentage of Unionization in the private sector?
    • (Why is this important? The private sector unionization rate needs to be separated from the public sector unionization rate in order to understand true union activity in certain communities.)
  • Describe your inventory tax.
    • (Why is this important? Some individual cities and counties levy inventory tax even if the state does not.)
  • List all equipment/infrastructure within the building such as chillers, racking, conveyors, air compressors, handling systems, etc.
    • (Why is this important? Many communities have available buildings, but some have buildings with useful equipment in place which will lower your upfront capital investment.)
  • Estimate utility tap fees.
    • (Why is this important? You could possibly be dealing with different utility companies for gas, electricity, water, wastewater, data, etc., and "hook up fees" and "tap fees" may literally vary with each provider, sometimes within the same community.)
  • Summarize the three most recent economic development deals closed by the local municipality (include detailed descriptions of the projects and incentives given).
    • (Why is this important? Within each state certain communities are more aggressive with job creation efforts than others. You need to know if the community you are dealing with can back up their promises.)

These are only seven questions of our 900+ question RFI database.  One of our first steps is to go through the database with you to choose the questions pertinent to your project.  We then will put together a customized RFI for your project which we will send to potential states, communities, utility companies, etc.


Our Deliverables

  • We will deliver REAL CASH incentives that lower your upfront capital investment.
  • We will give you the true value of tax credits you are offered.
  • We will help you negotiate long term utility rates that will affect your bottom line for years.
  • We will analyze the labor sheds of your potential locations to determine if a sufficient supply of labor will be available in each location and project costs for such labor.
  • We will analyze construction costs of your potential locations to determine which of the areas require the least upfront capital investment.
  • We will detail the pre-construction and post-construction permits and the expected time frames for your facility.