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The Next Move Group Merger's and Acquisitions division, through a strategic acquisition search process, specializes in proactive acquisitions of companies both on the buyers and sellers side. Our method helps identify synergistic and strategic partners that may have interest in either buying or selling a company. We specialize in targeting opportunities with companies in the $5 million to $500,000 million range in annual revenue.

How Can Next Move Group Mergers and Acquisitions Help You?

Next Move Group can help your business if you are:

How Can Next Move Group Make You More Profitable?  looking for an existing company to purchase, OR

How Can Next Move Group Make You More Profitable?  looking to sell your company, OR

How Can Next Move Group Make You More Profitable?  looking for a partner to purchase a portion of your company, OR

How Can Next Move Group Make You More Profitable?  wanting to combine a site location search while looking for an M & A opportunity, OR

How Can Next Move Group Make You More Profitable?  needing to figure out what location is optimal for you to save money on transportation costs


Portfolio of Services

We have worked to build a group of partnering companies which offer the following services to help during your M&A transaction:

  • Private Equity Capital
  • Business Valuation Experts
  • Financing/Lease Back for Equipment Purchases
  • Construction Management
  • Industrial Equipment Dealers
  • Logistics/Supply Chain Modeling
  • Incentives Negotiation
  • Immigration Attorneys
  • Labor Modeling


Proprietary Process

Target Modeling, Screening, and Deal Structuring

MA Process


Site Selection/Incentives Negotiation

Next Move Group not only does Mergers and Acquisitions, our team of consultants specialize in site location and incentives negotiations. If you are also considering tooling a new facility instead of buying an existing plant or business, let our team simultaneously search for the optimum location for your new plant from a workforce, supply chain, and cost perspective!  In addition to negotiating a beneficial incentives package that lowers your start-up costs, we manage the incentives for you and make sure you get every penny you are promised.  To learn more about our Site Selection and Incentives Negotiation click here.


Canadian Experience

Bob Bathgate has joined Next Move Group as Global Vice President based in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.  Bathgate is a Past Chair of AmCham Canada (US/Canadian Chamber of Commerce) and a past board of trade member in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.  Bathgate brings more than 40 years of experience to Next Move Group including these prior roles: Government of Ontario Senior Business Coordinator, City of Mississauga Manager of Business Development, State of Ohio Canadian Director, State of Tennessee Canadian Director, State of New York Canadian Director.

Bob can be contacted at: rbathgate@cogeco.net or 705-740-9739.

Today we have offices in Montreal and Toronto to serve our Canadian clients.


Incentives Expertise

John Sisson, Executive Managing Director of Next Move Group, is considered one of North America’s foremost experts in economic development incentives. He is part of the prestigious group called “Site Selectors’ Guild” which is comprised of the top 40 experts on incentives and site selection in North America. During John’s career he has worked projects with the following companies:


Office Locations

Contact one of our professionals in the following locations:


Bob Bathgate

Chad Chancellor

Alex Metzger

John Sisson



Sampling of Past & Current Next Move Group Clients