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Brain Power

We worked diligently to assemble the most brain power of any site selection and incentives negotiation firm in the business. How can we make such a boastful claim you ask? Consider these points which describe our team:

  • Industrial Real Estate Broker: John Sisson.
  • Fortune 500 site selection experience and Site Selectors Guild member: John Sisson.
  • Electric Power Economic Development Experience: Jeffrey Taylor.
  • Alumni of Ivy League Programs: John Sisson, Dartmouth College, Advanced Management Training, Tuck School of Business, and Kay Brockwell, Harvard University Kennedy School of Government Leadership Academy.
  • Political experience: Jeffrey Taylor, State Legislator.  Ray Methvin, former City Councilman.  Robert Ingram, former Mayor.
  • Financial experience: John Sisson worked in Corporate Finance at Ford Motor Company and Mallinckrodt. Jeffrey Taylor is an Economic Development Finance Professional.
  • Experience sitting on the governmental side of the incentives table, allowing us to know how to position your project in negotiations with government agencies: Chad Chancellor, Alex Metzger, and Kay Brockwell.
  • University Graduate Students to run detailed labor analysis: The University of Southern Mississippi’s Trent Lott Economic Development Research Institute.
  • $100+ million logistics, transportation, and supply chain management solutions partner: Propak
  • Industrial equipment sales, financing, rigging, transportation, and warehousing partner: Pearl Equipment.

We have put together a team to literally handle all your needs via our leadership, analysts, and partners.


Our KnightNext Move Group Knight

In chess, the knight is the piece with the ability to jump other pieces.  In site selection and incentives negotiation, the Next Move Group has the ability to jump red tape.  Our "Knight" represents our primary attribute: "Jumping the Red Tape" to get you tangible incentives which will make you more profitable in a location with the business support system you need to succeed.

Our "Knight" will move in any direction to get the job done!