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Future Focus Development Solutions, has assembled a team of more economic development “Brain Power” than any other economic development consulting firm in the business. Kay Brockwell, Founder/CEO of Future Focus owns the majority of Future Focus with Next Move Group, LLC, owning a minority position.

Consider the experience our team has leading to this sizable amount of “Brain Power”, we have:

Brain Power

  • Fortune 500 site selection experience and Site Selectors Guild member: John Sisson
  • Industrial Real Estate Broker: John Sisson
  • Utility Economic Development Experience: Jeffrey Taylor spent 31 years with TVA Electric Power's Economic Development Recruiting Team
  • University Degrees from: Memphis University, Wichita State University, Mississippi State University, University of Kentucky, Rhodes College, University of Southern Mississippi, University of North Alabama, Western Kentucky University, and the University of Alabama.
  • Graduates of Ivy League Programs: John Sisson, Dartmouth College, Advanced Management Training, Tuck School of Business, and Kay Brockwell, Harvard University Kennedy School of Government Leadership Academy
  • Academic experience: Robert Ingram worked at the University of Southern Mississippi’s Economic Development School for 4 years.  Tucson Roberts served as Dean of the Alabama Aviation Center.
  • Additional Coursework: Virginia Tech (Robert Ingram, Marketing Audits), University of Central Arkansas (Robert Ingram, Community Development Institute), University of Oklahoma (Jeffrey Taylor, Economic Development Institute), Georgia Tech University (Jeffrey Taylor, Basic Economic Development)
  • Political experience: Jeffrey Taylor is a State Legislator, Robert Ingram was a former Mayor, Ray Methvin is a former City Alderman
  • Creativity: Ray Methvin wrote country music songs in Nashville for 15 years
  • Financial experience: Robert Ingram was one of 7 founding members of a bank with substantial commercial lending experience, Jeffrey Taylor is an Economic Development Finance Professional, and John Sisson worked in Corporate Finance at Ford Motor Company and Mallinckrofft.
  • More than 60 years of running 14 economic development organizations.
  • More than 70 years of working in 20 economic development organizations.

No organization is too big or small for us, we don’t have a one size fits all approach:

During the careers of our consultants, we have helped agencies as large as state or utility economic development organizations to as small as a 4,000 person city:



General Information: